Jerry Grcevich
Inducted - Reno 2001

Hall of Fame PhotoJerry Grcevich has played continuously for over 30 years.  Initial instruction on the tambura was provided by his father Joe (Hall of Fame honoree in 1980) and his uncle Marko, both of the renowned Sloboda Tamburitza Orchestra.  Jerry progressed through the St. George Junior Tamburitza group and then joined the Sloboda Orchestra, most popular in the years 1950-1980.  He deepened his musical knowledge by enrolling in music theory classes at Seton Hill College in Greensburg, PA.  He later played with the Slanina and Mirko Roknich orchestras until forming his own, the Jerry Grcevich Tamburitza Orchestra, in 1993.  Through the years, he has played countless times with other orchestras, always ready to help out in an emergency or provide welcome support.
An outstanding example of Jerry's originality and innovation is captured on his recording New Traditions.  Although he has recorded original compositions and arrangements on other releases, this collection, released in 1992, contains twelve selections, all of which were composed and performed by Jerry.  Utilizing the "sound on sound" recording technique, he also plays all of the instruments superbly, creating melody, harmony, counterpoint, chords and bass.  We often are witness to musicians who are outstanding in playing varying compositions, but it is the architect of these compositions who is the true artist.
Jerry's ability to innovate is best evident when one is fortunate to attend any of his personal performances, or better yet for musicians, to experience performing with him.  Whether accompanying a soloist, leading a kolo or song, or performing an instrumental selection, his improvisations at the proper moment are pure artistry.  Never dominant or overpowering, he has a unique talent.
Jerry has taught at various folk music and dance camps, including the East European Folklore Center camps in West Virginia and Maryland, the San Francisco Kolo Festival and Santa Barbara Folk Dance Camp.  He has often accompanied folk dance groups in the Pittsburgh area.
Jerry is a very prolific recording artist, with over 20 LP records, tapes and CDs published to date.  A recording was recently released in Croatia on a local label, and is frequently played on Croatian cultural radio programming.  The next page reprints many accolades Jerry has received.
As a tambura virtuoso, composer and arranger, Jerry has dedicated his life to promoting our tambura culture in America and abroad.  He has "raised the bar" for tambura music, maintaining and elevating the standards of musical excellence established by Europe's leading tambura orchestras.  His vast repertoire broadens the appeal of our music to every Eastern European nationality.

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