The Tamburitza Association of America Hall of Fame is comprised of individuals who have exhibited a lifetime commitment to the preservation and growth of tambura music in America.

Nomination Guidelines

TAA members or orchestras may nominate an individual for the Hall of Fame. The deadline to submit nominations is February 1st of the induction year. Use the following links for the award's procedures and form.

For nomination forms or questions related to the nomination process, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hall of Fame Members

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Roko Abramovich Chicago, Illinois 1980 Chicago
Paul 'Pio' Adamovich Youngstown, Ohio 1999 Harrisburg
Mildred "Mickey" Arangelovich Cleveland, Ohio 2008 Pittsburgh
Alfred Bahr Mountain View, California 2011 San Francisco
Caroline Puskarich Bahr Mountain View, California 1982 San Jose
Janika Balaz Vojvodina, Jugoslavia 1988 Pittsburgh
Jerry Banina Lowell, Indiana 1998 Reno
Steve Barich Gary, Indiana 2011 San Francisco
George Beleg Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1984 Pittsburgh
Joseph Bilic Ann Arbor, Michigan 2012 Columbus
Miso Boskovich St. Louis, Missouri 1972 St. Louis
Rudy Brynac, Sr. St. Louis, Missouri 1979 Minneapolis
Steve Bucherich, Sr. Madison, Illinois 1968 St. Louis
Vaso Bukvich Chicago, Illinois 2000 St. Louis
John Carr St. Louis, Missouri 1983 Chicago
Lou Cavic, Sr. St. Louis, Missouri 1978 Niagara Falls
Rudolph Cernkovich Bradley, Michigan 1973 Youngstown
Nick Chavlovich New Brighton, Pennsylvania 1997 Pittsburgh
Joseph P. Cindric McKeesport, Pennsylvania 2009 Chicago
Vaso Crlenica Los Angeles, California 1978 Niagara Falls
Jovo Crljenica Los Angeles, California 1973 Youngstown
Paul Crljenica Los Angeles, California 1987 San Jose
Steve Crljenica Los Angeles, California 1987 San Jose
Frank Cvetnich Detroit, Michigan 1975 Cleveland
William Cvetnic East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1996 Milwaukee
Djoko Dokich Cleveland, Ohio 1975 Cleveland
Mel Dokich, Jr. Chicago, Illinois 1976 Las Vegas
Mitch Dvorak Los Angeles, California 1995 Orlando
Eleonora Lusicic Eaves St. Louis, Missouri 1981 St. Louis
Charles Dragutin Elias, Sr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1973 Youngstown
Charles Elias Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1982 San Jose
Vinka Ellesin Thousand Oaks, California 1975 Cleveland
Libby Fill Youngstown, Ohio 1979 Minneapolis
Mark Forry Santa Cruz, California 2011 San Francisco
Peter S. Gaspich Thousand Oaks, California 1991 St. Louis
Peter Glusac San Gabriel, California 2008 Pittsburgh
John D. Gornick, Sr. Chicago, Illinois 1988 Pittsburgh
Mat Gouze Ely, Minnesota 1979 Minneapolis
Jerry Grcevich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2001 Reno
Joe Grcevich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1980 Chicago
John Gregurich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1986 Minneapolis
James Guracech Warren, Michigan 2001 Reno
John Habazin Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 1981 St. Louis
Fred Husnick Farrell, Pennsylvania 1989 Las Vegas
Rose Puskarich Husnick Brookfield, Ohio 1990 Chicago
Nikola Jakovac St. Louis, Missouri 1976 Las Vegas
Frank Jovanovic Crown Point, Indiana 2006 Detroit
Dusan Jovanovich Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2000 St. Louis
Adam Kapugi Leckrone, Pennsylvania 1989 Las Vegas
Frank Kapugi Chicago, Illinois 1980 Chicago
Louis Kapugi Ironwood, Michigan 1989 Las Vegas
Martin Kapugi Chicago, Illinois 1976 Las Vegas
Zivan Katich St. Louis, Missouri 2003 Chicago
Tom Kelam Madison, Illinois 1977 Kansas City
Charles Kezman Los Angeles, California 1994 Omaha
Joseph Kirin Chicago, Illinois 2012 Columbus
Nick Klaich Lackawanna, New York 1984 Pittsburgh
Donald E. Knezevich Conway, Pennsylvania 1995 Orlando
Lubo Kolakovich Los Angeles, California 1974 Los Angeles
Walter Kolar Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1973 Youngstown
Rudy Kolich Massillon, Ohio 2000 St. Louis
Ken Kosovec St. Clair Shores, Michigan 2006 Detroit
Andrew Kosovich Cleveland, Ohio 1996 Milwaukee
Steve Kovacev Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1984 Pittsburgh
Jim Kovacevich Cleveland, Ohio 1975 Cleveland
Sam Krajnovich Kansas City, Kansas 1985 Detroit
John Krilcich Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 1976 Las Vegas
Richard Krilich Chicago, Illinois 2011 San Francisco
Charles Kristich Buffalo, New York 2012 Columbus
Art Kropaj Massillon, Ohio 1985 Detroit
Johnny Krizancic Hermitage, Pennsylvania 1983 Chicago
John Kudrin Lorain, Ohio 2006 Detroit
John Kuharic Mather, Pennsylvania 1981 St. Louis
Danny Kukich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1983 Chicago
Pete Kunovich Youngstown, Ohio 1988 Pittsburgh
Joseph Lazich Brookfield, Ohio 2012 Columbus
Don Lipovac Kansas City, Kansas 1977 Kansas City
Joe Loncarich Hamilton, Ontario 1978 Niagara Falls
Michael Loncarich Ontario, Canada 2003 Chicago
Edo Lubich Los Angeles, California 1986 Minneapolis
Ann Lusicic St. Louis, Missouri 1977 Kansas City
Ivan Lusicic, Sr. St. Louis, Missouri 1972 St. Louis
Ivan Lusicic, Jr. St. Louis, Missouri 1996 Milwaukee
Alex Machaskee Cleveland, Ohio 1995 Orlando
Horace Mamala Hammond, Indiana 1996 Milwaukee
Paul Maricic St. Louis, Missouri 2002 New Orleans
Lazo Marinovich Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1995 Orlando
Anthony Markulin Palm Springs, California 1996 Milwaukee
Joseph Marmilich, Sr. Campbell, Ohio 1999 Harrisburg
Joe Matacic Sacramento, California 1976 Las Vegas
Lawrence Mavretich Detroit, Michigan 1992 Detroit
Paul Samuel Milanovich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Pete Mistovich Chicago, Illinois 1972 St. Louis
George Murlin Steelton, Pennsylvania 2004 Harrisburg
Anthony Muselin Chicago, Illinois 1985 Detroit
Charlene P. Naglich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1999 Harrisburg
Walter Naglich Oceanside, California 1993 Los Angeles
Momcilo Nikolic Windsor, Ontario 2007 Reno
Milan Opacich Schererville, Indiana 2002 New Orleans
Mike Orlich Wakefield, Michigan 1993 Los Angeles
Steve J. Paulich Hammond, Indiana 1990 Chicago
Steve Pavlekovich Detroit, Michigan 1979 Minneapolis
Sanda Pavlovich Warren, Michigan 2006 Detroit
Matt T. Pericak Oakland, California 1995 Orlando
Paul Perman Youngstown, Ohio 1973 Youngstown
Adam Popovich Chicago, Illinois 1972 St. Louis
Eli Popovich Chicago, Illinois 1972 St. Louis
Marko Popovich Chicago, Illinois 1972 St. Louis
Ted Popovich Chicago, Illinois 1972 St. Louis
Vlad Popovich North Tonawanda, New York 1993 Los Angeles
Daniel A. Puhala Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Ray Ranic Buffalo, New York 2010 St. Louis
Matt Rebrovic Beaver, Pennsylvania 1995 Orlando
Ronald F. Rendulic North Versailles, Pennsylvania 1991 St. Louis
Marilyn 'Chee Chee' Repasky Apollo, Pennsylvania 2005 Los Angeles
Nikola Rodina Kansas City, Kansas 1975 Cleveland
August Rogan Youngstown, Ohio 1988 Pittsburgh
Mirko Roknich Englewood, Florida 2008 Pittsburgh
Walter C. Roncevic, Sr. Ambridge, Pennsylvania 2009 Chicago
John Rozgaj Youngstown, Ohio 2006 Detroit
George Ruzich San Francisco, California 2011 San Francisco
Charles Sabolic Conway, Pennsylvania 1989 Las Vegas
Steve 'Stevo' Sajtar Steelton, Pennsylvania 2000 St. Louis
Bob Samarzich San Dimas, California 2005 Los Angeles
Richard Savage Chicago, Illinois 1983 Chicago
Robert Sestili, Sr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Dan Shebetich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2011 San Francisco
George Skertich Gillespie, Illinois 1974 Los Angeles
Joseph Skertich Gillespie, Illinois 1974 Los Angeles
John Skertich Gillespie, Illinois 1974 Los Angeles
Nicholas Skertich Gillespie, Illinois 1974 Los Angeles
Peter Skertich Gillespie, Illinois 1974 Los Angeles
George Skrbina Youngstown, Ohio 1982 San Jose
Charles Smilinich Tonawanda, New York 1987 San Jose
Paul G. Stafura Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Nuney Stoyanoff Duluth, Minnesota 1979 Minneapolis
Stephen A. Sulentic Springfield, Missouri 1986 Minneapolis
Walter Susanj Seattle, Washington 2000 St. Louis
Svetozar Sammy Tomich St. Louis, Missouri 2010 St. Louis
Mike Tomicic Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada 2001 Reno
Pete Tomicic Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada 2001 Reno
Frank Toplak Los Angeles, California 1974 Los Angeles
Blash Topolovac Rancho Santa Fe, California 1997 Pittsburgh
Bogdan 'Billy' Topolski Monroe, Michigan 2006 Detroit
Joseph Trosley Madison, Illinois 1992 Detroit
John Urbancic Phoenix, Arizona 2000 St. Louis
Frank Valentich Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2006 Detroit
Milan Verni 1998 Reno
Tom Vesolich Burke, Virginia 2012 Columbus
Ivan Vidak Leetsdale, Pennsylvania 1977 Kansas City
Steve Vranjes Kewanee, Illinois 2004 Harrisburg
Steve F. Vucinic Chicago, Illinois 1997 Pittsburgh
Sam Vudis San Rafael, California 2007 Reno
Charles Vukovic Kenmore, New York 2005 Los Angeles
Walter Vunovich Madison, Illinois 1992 Detroit
Joseph Wodvarka Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1999 Harrisburg
Thomas Yeseta Los Angeles, California 2009 Chicago
Angeline Zadravec Youngstown, Ohio 2010 St. Louis
Steve Zegar Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Steve Zoretich Monessen, Pennsylvania 1981 St. Louis
Julia "Honey" Zimmerman Cleveland, Ohio 2008 Pittsburgh
Dave Zupkovich Campbell, Ohio 1974 Los Angeles