The Lou Cavic Founder's Award is presented each year to a young person who demonstrates an outstanding devotion to the preservation of tambura music and the Slavic culture.

Nomination Guidelines

TAA members may nominate an individual for the Lou Cavic Founder's Award. The deadline to submit nominations is February 1st of the induction year. All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by the TAA Board of Directors.

For submissions or questions related to the nomination process, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Founder's Award Recipients



Philip Ashley Kansas City, Kansas 1992 Detroit
Dario Barišić Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2010 St. Louis
Brock Belich West Mifflin, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Frank Bozicevic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1991 St. Louis
Danny Capuzzi West Mifflin, Pennsylvania 1999 Harrisburg
Steven Capuzzi West Mifflin, Pennsylvania 2008 Pittsburgh
Marci Coleff Brooklyn, Ohio 1994 Omaha
Frank Corak Detroit, Michigan 1990 Chicago
Charles R. Cubelic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1995 Orlando
Vjeko Dimter Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2000 St. Louis
Marko Dreher St. Louis, Missouri 1998 Reno
Nick Garcia St. Louis, Missouri 2012 Columbus
Joseph Gornick Chicago, Illinois 1989 Las Vegas
Justin D. Greenwald Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 2006 Detroit
Paul Hladio Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1996 Milwaukee
Derek Hohn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2012 Columbus
Dan Jurakovich Ironwood, Michigan 2001 Reno
Joseph Kirin, Jr. Chicago, Illinois 1988 Pittsburgh
Dave Kosovec Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2003 Chicago
Peter Kosovec Sterling Heights, Michigan 2001 Reno
George Kresovich Kissimmee, Florida 1988 Pittsburgh
Anne Marie Loncarich Hamilton, Ontario 1993 Los Angeles
Thomas J. Manfredo Duquesne, Pennsylvania 1997 Pittsburgh
Mark Milanovich Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 2005 Los Angeles
Danny Ovanin Chicago, Illinois 2009 Chicago
Ivan Petracic Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 2010 St. Louis
Joe Riccio Chicago, Illinois 2002 New Orleans
Dushan Rocknage Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2015 Chicago
Lilla Serlegi Horvatzsidany, Hungary 2011 San Francisco
Robert Sestilli Chicago, Illinois 2003 Chicago
Kruno Spisic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2006 Detroit
Mark Spisic Kitchener, Ontario 2004 Harrisburg
Mark Stafura Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2012 Columbus
Paul Stafura Jr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2007 Reno
Nikola Vranesevic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2014 Pittsburgh
Ben Wagner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2014 Pittsburgh
Steve Wagner Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1997 Pittsburgh
Ryan Werner Chicago, Illinois 2009 Chicago